What Does A Water Damage Company Do?

Water damage companies are trained to clean up and repair damage caused by water that has intruded on a home or business. Water from outside storms, flash flooding, broken pipes, appliance malfunctions, and even sewage backups can cause immediate and severe damage to the items inside a home or business and the structure of a property. Home and business owners are encouraged to be familiar with local water damage companies to take immediate action following a water disaster. 

Water Damage Company ClevelandWater Damage Company in Cleveland

According to Riskfactor.com, Cleveland is at significant risk from flooding over the next 30 years. Not only does flooding affect property, but it can also impact access to utilities, emergency services, and transportation. This is why it is crucial to have a plan of action for flood disasters. 

When your home or business suffers water damage, contact a water damage company like Duraclean Restoration and Cleaning Services. Professional water damage restoration providers are trained, certified, and experienced in helping home and business owners recover from minor and major water disasters, including water damage caused by firefighting efforts after a fire disaster. 

When you reach out to a water damage company, they will take some information to get started, including:

  • The property owner’s first and last name
  • The address of the property that is suffering damage
  • The best contact phone number for the property owner
  • The best email address for the property owner
  • The insurance company, if a claim is going to be made
  • The claim number if the claim has already been started

The Water Damage Cleanup Process

Once you contact a water damage company, the professional team will take your information and immediately act. Water damage restoration companies offer 24-hour services so that they can help right away. The damage can spread without quick action and become a more challenging fix.

After the water damage company arrives at your property, they will assess the damage. They will determine the severity of the damage, whether mold remediation is needed, and the source of the water damage. 

Some water damage comes from clean sources such as water heaters or washing machines. However, water damage from sewage backups or outdoor water carries harmful bacteria and other contaminants and will require more work to sanitize and clean properly. 

The water extraction and drying processes are the first and most important of any water or flood restoration service. Home and business owners may be tempted to remove and dry out the water independently, but several complications may arise if you’re not adequately trained. Water can quickly soak into the property’s structure and become difficult to dry. Professional and industrial-grade equipment is powerful enough to thoroughly dry out materials immediately that may not otherwise dry out effectively. If the damage is extensive enough that repairs are needed, they will occur after the water has been extracted and dried. 

Professional Services in Cleveland, Ohio

Duraclean Restoration and Cleaning Services is a local water damage company that has been assisting locals with cleaning and restoration needs since 1975. Our team is reliable, and we pride ourselves on being able to help the community we live in and our neighbors quickly. If a water disaster occurs in your home or business, please call us immediately. Our team is ready on standby 24/7 to help you in your time of need.