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Furniture Cleaning

Let Duraclean Make Your Upholstery And Drapery Look Like New!

Upholstery Cleaning

Our Patented Duraclean Foam Absorption Process works to lift out soil and stains versus ordinary carpet cleaning methods, such as steam cleaning that tend to drive dirt deeper into your upholstery. The Duraclean system provides:

  • Fast drying and thorough results
  • Environmentally safe cleaning solutions
  • Patented upholstery foam process removes soil and allergens with minimum moisture so you can use your furniture the same day
  • Safe for all hard-to-clean and sensitive "S" (Dry Clean Only) fabrics

Drapery Cleaning

Patented drapery cleaning process uses a safely heated solution that permeates deep into fabrics increasing cleaning efficiency

  • Powerful professional grade vacuums remove the cleaning solution with the suspended soil, leaving no residue
  • Draperies are cleaned on the spot while maintaining your privacy
  • Even the most sensitive and delicate fabrics can be dry cleaned

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