Duraclean After The Disaster Team

Duraclean After The Disaster Team

Duraclean After The Disaster Team





Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning

Disaster & Restoration Services

Let Duraclean's Helpful "After The Disaster Team" Assess And Estimate The Damage Quickly!

Duraclean's "After The Disaster Team" is always on call to move quickly to assess the damage, accurately estimate time and materials needed for repairs and move quickly help to settle your claim and begin restoration. We will work closely with your insurance agent or adjuster to provide an assessment report of the initial emergency steps along with estimates of the work to be completed so your claim can receive prompt attention.

Water Damage Restoration

Emergency situations require immediate attention to minimize water damage and Duraclean is ready to answer your call 24/7 to collect the necessary information and dispatch a fully equipped crew to quickly stabilize the site and begin proper drying procedures.

Fire and Smoke Damage Repair

Duraclean can provide the proper procedures for restoring fire and smoke damaged ceilings, walls, cabinets, carpeting and furnishings. By using various methods of ozone tents, specialized cleaning & deodorizing, we can tailor a restoration plan to fit your needs


Vandalism comes in many forms and the loss it causes can devastating. Whether it is the result of a wrongful prank or an intentional act, Duraclean is experienced professionals that can restore your property to its pre-loss condition. So you can get your life back to normal as quickly and easily as possible.

Our mission is to provide total customer satisfaction using methods that match or exceed industry-approved standards.

All of our technicians are trained in the latest technologies and equipment, certified and bonded.

Whether the ravages of "Mother Nature" or minor damage from a leaky faucet have damaged your home or facility, no job is too small.

Let the Duraclean Team work for you.

We Have The Experience And Resources To Efficiently Handle: